Thursday, March 23, 2006

ESPN alum 

I have to get MSNBC. Keith Olberman is a-double-you-e-some, awesome.

[T]hat hotel balcony crack[by Laura Ingraham] was unforgivable. In was unforgivable to the memory of David Blum, it was unforgivable in considerable of Bob Woodruff and Doug Vought, unforgivable in light of what happened to Michael Kelly and what happened to Michael Weiskopft. It was unforgivable with Jill Carroll still a hostage in Iraq. And it was not only unforgivable of her; it was desperate and it was stupid."

After watching this clip, I said, "Hoooo."


Sunday, March 19, 2006

Psych! (Sike!) 

The Guardian, anyway, is calling it one of the biggest financial frauds of all time. They speak, of course, of the Provisional Government's handling of some $23 Billion for reconstruction in Iraq — money that belonged to the Iraqi people and no one else. Money that was entrusted to the US-run organization by the UN to help the Iraqi people build hospitals and schools and to have clean running water and electricity and all the things a burgeoning deomcracy deserves. Instead, they gave it over to Republican securities firms and cronies to do with what they pleased. One who was there compared the atmosphere to the Old West.

Because the Iraqi banking system was in tatters, the funds were placed in an account with the Federal Reserve in New York. From there, most of the money was flown in cash to Baghdad. Over the first 14 months of the occupation, 363 tonnes of new $100 bills were shipped in - $12bn, in cash. And that is where it all began to go wrong.

One CPA official was given nearly $7m and told to spend it in seven days. "He told our auditors that he felt that there was more emphasis on the speed of spending the money than on the accountability for that money," says Ginger Cruz, the deputy inspector general for Iraqi reconstruction. Not all coalition officials were so honest. Last month Robert Stein Jr, employed as a CPA comptroller in south central Iraq, despite a previous conviction for fraud, pleaded guilty to conspiring to steal more than $2m and taking kickbacks in the form of cars, jewellery, cash and sexual favours. It seems certain he is only the tip of the iceberg. There are a further 50 criminal investigations under way.

Another embarrassment, another blight, another crime in this terrible war.



When the revolution comes, Britt Hume will be first against wall.
He simply cannot see anything wrong with BushCo at all, and Bill Kristol (who is one of the main architects of the Iraq War and the global domination program) rips Britt a new one over Feingold's censure motion.
Hume: "That is absurd. No politician among those who have been thoroughly briefed on this claims the briefings were insufficient and vague…Rockefeller does not claim that. Rockefeller has said many things about this program, but he has never said that he wasn't fully briefed that I know of."

Which is, of course, more bull from one of the blind spouters. Britt thinks censure is completely motivated, the impeachment is wacko timfoil hat talk, and that the public is wildly in favor of wiretapping.

Oh, silent majority?


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