Sunday, March 12, 2006

Senator Frist Threatens To Kill Senator Feingold! 

The wise and mighty Bill Frist responds to Russ Feingold's censure resolution. Some excerpts.

The Presiden't of the United States is out there fighting al Qaeda and the Taliban and Osama bin Laden

destroy... all the families who are listening to us...

Russ is... dead...

...think back to 9-11...

...War On Terror...

...there is... a lack of support for our Commander-In-Chief...

...there is no crack...

Bush is out there fighting terrorists?
Threatening to kill a US Senator?
No crack?
You're not making any sense, Bill!


Olde Tyme Baseballe 

Even though Jefferson and Washington never spent lazy afternoons throwing the old baseball around, Russ Feingold, that hero from the North, says Bush is about to strike the eff out.

Mr. President, return to the law. Return to our system of government.

Put Feingold in charge.


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