Thursday, December 29, 2005


Hi! I have a beard! So do these people! Or mustaches! Guess who they are!

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I know it's hairy, but keep your chin up and you might... just... facial hair. So. Yeah.


Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Barr None 

Some nice, interesting news from Bob Barr's bizarre brain.
Former GOP Congressman, Bob Barr of Georgia, has penned a second op-ed column condemning Bush's illegal wiretap scheme. It appeared in today's Atlanta Journal-Constitution. This time the former US Attorney explains how Bush will try to avoid a well-deserved impeachment proceeding. It's a good primer for what to expect as the coverage progresses.

Barr covers the expected plan of lying, word-parsing, stonewalling, smearing the accusers and utilizing partisanship in defense of his "illegal spying on American citizens" that has already begun.

You truly are innocent when you dream.


Nawt Smaht 

There are really few politicians in New York with such a fine and shiny armor as Eliot Spitzer. Yes, it's true that if you walk near the Williamsburg Bridge on a clear day you can smell his ambition drifting across the river; even so, he's come at his job with a bull's horns and what appears to be a clear integrity. He is one of the good guys -- or so it seems at this stage of his career -- and he's made his bones taking down corrupt Wall Streeters, something we're all meant to be happy about. Now, apparently, he's gotten a little too uppity for some in the club and the GOP is making the very bad move of going after him.
The state Republican Party is asking for an investigation into a claim by a former Wall Street executive that Attorney General Eliot Spitzer threatened him in a private conversation, an accusation Spitzer has denied.

Last week John Whitehead, the appointed chairman of the state Lower Manhattan Development Corp., wrote an opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal in which he accused Spitzer of having threatened him by telephone eight months before. The conversation wasn't taped and there were apparently no witnesses, but Whitehead cited what he said were his own notes of the conversation.

He quoted Spitzer as saying: "I will be coming after you. You will pay the price" for publicly criticizing Spitzer's investigation of an ally, insurance magnate Maurice Greenberg.

Now. Well. It certainly looks like they're trying to put a some chinks in the ole Spitzanator's armor before an almost-certain run at Albany. And I think this is a bad idea. For one thing, Spitzer comes out on top in almost any contest with a Wall Streeter and especially the guy in charge of the nightmare that is the LMDC. Second, I don't know the full details of the story, but telling someone you're coming after them doesn't sound worthy of an investigation. What it sounds like is you should take your balls out of your grandma's purse and build something on Ground Zero you cock-smooch.

Et voila.


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