Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Paul Hackett may not have the organizational structure or the fundraining capabilities to unseat Ohio senator, but a lot of democrats like the cut of his jib -- he's a progressive Gulf War vet who isn't afraid to go blue in his frank arguments against BushCo.
[Hackett has] called George W. Bush "chicken hawk" and "son of a bitch" with regard to the war -- Hackett's strong showing fired up Democrats nationwide.

[In an interview with Salon, Hackett talks about the Iraq invasion - Interviews's questions are in bold]

We've been there two-plus years and there's nothing objective this country can point at and say, "This is what we've improved since we've been over there." The infrastructure is worse -- the electrical grid, the water grid, the sewage grid, the road system. All that infrastructure is worse today than when we got there two-plus years ago.

The Bush administration says there's progress.

Bullshit. I've been there. There's no success unless you call painting schools success. We've painted a lot of schools.

Bullshit, he says. A senatorial candidate said bullshit!

[What do you think of] the right-wing uproar over Terri Schiavo?

Outrageous. Absolutely outrageous. And most Americans agree with that. The only Americans that don't are religious fanatics. They've got more in common with Osama bin Laden than I've got with them.

He reminds me a little of Howard Dean, and he's just one of a bunch of great candidates wooed by Chuck Schumer to put more seats -- in the House and Senate -- into play. And with the dam breaking, frank talk will be and an actual embracing of progressive views (or, at least, alternative views to Right Wing zealotry) will become more and more commonplace. Let's hope Hackett wins, but even if he doesn't he's a sign of better things to come.


Oh, Sweet Memories 

Those who have read the guidebook to interpreting public statements out of the White House know it's time to worry about this.
President George W. Bush said military action was a last resort in dealing with Syria and he hoped Damascus would cooperate with a probe into the killing of former Lebanese premier Rafik al-Hariri.

"A military (option) is always the last choice of a president," he told Al Arabiya television in an interview aired on Tuesday when asked about a U.N. investigation that implicated Syrian officials in the killing of Hariri.

"I am hoping that they will cooperate. It (military action) is the last -- very last option," he said. "But on the other hand, you know -- and I've worked hard for diplomacy and will continue to work the diplomatic angle on this issue."

Ahh, those comforting words, spoken again so gently by our president in the midst of one of the biggest White House scandals in history. So reminiscent of another, simpler time, before the two-thousand dead troops and the torture and the car bombs and the civil unrest and the hurricanes and the Supreme Court deaths. Call me a big-hearted romantic, but I miss that old chestnut -- the last option -- almost as much as I miss the one about there being no war plans on the President's desk.

They were on the Vice President's desk.


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