Wednesday, September 07, 2005


I don't really think that I still understand the scope of what's happened on the Gulf Coast. I've seen the Interactive Guides on the New York Times web site, I've watched "News Hour," I've read The Guardian. But I haven't been there and, as I don't have cable, the hourly inundation of images from CNN and MSNBC has been totally missed in my home; therefore I feel a kind of emptiness, a void as to what and how it really is.

I was thinking today, reading about how it will take years -- years -- to rebuild the public works, phone systems and electrical grids, just how detached I am as a modern American. I'm surrounded by complicated conveniences that lift, pull, and feed me, and I have no idea how they work, why they work, or even where their infrastructure is located, so hidden and secret is this Modern America. This post-industrial age. This world. I've always been a little envious of those who hold a natural curiosity for How Things Work, and even Where Things Are (I could never tell you what direction anything is from anything else: my default is generally North is straight... or up... um...) as I've never possessed that innately. But things like this set me off, like all shallow trendists, into a journey of discovery and INFORMATION.

So I've relied on the manifold of news outlets to help shape this historic, horrible and very complicated event, from the local New Orleans papers to French news to Fox. It's been awesome and almost surreal to watch the press act as a press, disgusted, fatigued and fed up with the mono-evil replies from career bureaucrats and inept administrators. There has been reporting by reporters and the President, smug and smiling, comes off as smug and smiling! Is reality setting in? Can the press be turning? Does it take a tragedy like this, one without a human hand, without an enemy, to open our eyes? It has certainly looked that way, and BushCo certainly appears to be in some serious trouble.

Which may be why this is happening.
UPDATE: Will someone from the ACLU please contact me immediately about this. We need a lawsuit, now.

Bob Brigham has just reported - and this is why we need OUR folks on the ground, to report this stuff - the military is banning all reporters from New Orleans. Outrageous. If you kill a couple thousand people, you definitely want to keep the media and the public from finding out.

Bush is literally trying to hide the bodies. This is beyond outrageous.

I have seen NO confirmation for this at all, but it's not something that would surprise me. Can they continue to escape their own evil designs? I hope not. But nor is this time for the Democrats -- God, help us -- to keep up their hands-off approach, hoping Bush will hang himself. There's a good chance he will, but why not tie the knot and kick out the chair -- just to be sure?


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