Friday, September 02, 2005

Rover Can Seriously Suck It. 

Found this through Democratic Underground. Ick.
CRAWFORD, TX - Driving his own pickup, with two trucks blockading both sides of the street, Bush Administration Senior Political Advisor and Deputy Chief of Staff, Karl Rove made a surprise sunset visit/photo-op Tuesday night to the half dozen or so Bush supporters camped across the street from "Camp Casey" in Crawford, Texas where Cindy Sheehan -- whose son, Casey, was killed in Iraq -- originally made her stand requesting a meeting and an explanation from George W. Bush, The BRAD BLOG has learned from eye-witnesses.

Rove did not meet with any of the dozens of Iraq and Afghan war vets, nor the Gold Star Family members who'd lost loved ones in those wars who were present in Crawford to support Sheehan's request to meet with Bush for an explanation of the "noble cause" that he's suggested their loved ones had died for.

He's very concerned, thank the Lord, about Katrina, and he's still squirming, it's good to see, over that whole Valerie... Plume... Plame... whatever... thingy.


They Just Don't Care 

Besides the generally permeating feelings of ineptitude that rule my philosophical life, I cannot remember feeling more immediately helpless than Katrina has made me feel. I see these images and read these accounts and I cannot even believe it's my country. I cannot even believe that the response has been so slow, so plodding, so immoral. And there is nothing I can do. The Red Cross is full up on volunteers (not that I have any important skills to offer, anyway) and New Orleans sounds to be a war zone as it is. There is nothing I can do, despite this surging feeling to get down there and do something, anything, even to see it, to be part of this almost sublime tragedy.

Helplessness and paralysis like I've never felt. Well, maybe September 11 -- but, unlike our duly elected national king, I edge away from making comparisons, there.

But ought I shy away from that? Ought the national news media shy away? Because the similarities are pretty similar; at least in terms of W's response: In both cases he was on vacation the entire summer leading up to it; in both cases he ignored pretty specific warnings of a threat; in both cases he cut funding to orgaizations whose work was badly needed to make the situation better; in both cases the bureaucratic snakepit hissed and writhed but got very little done; in both cases he was a day late and a dollar short, looking uncomfortable, confused, distant and even unconcerned when he did finally appear on tv; in both cases a city was devastated, a country looked for support, and he failed to deliver it.

The question now is, who do we invade? Poseidon? Atlantis? Who will answer for this tragedy?

Bush showed up today. Today to assess damage. Four days after the worst was already worse than the worst could have been. He hid behind excuses ("No one could have predicted those levees would break." You mean, like, Led Zeppelin? Sounds pretty familiar: when it comes to broken levees and planes flying into buildings, it doesn't sound like this Administration wants anything to do with it...). So as a result, that city has plunged into chaos and insanity and unspeakable inhumanity.

That sounds a bit dramatic, eh? Well, it is.

And I worry: is this a preview of things to come? You neglect the structure of a country long enough, you ignore science and insill fear, you create more terrorists and pillage the economy and leave people out on the streets and things a sight worse and more uncontrollable than Katrina will loose themselves on our society as a whole. Is this how cities will act when floodwaters rise? when unemployment sparks riots? when terrorism strikes? when blackouts happen? when we run out of oil? Is this what the third world nation that people like Noam Chomsky predict we're turning into looks like? While a disaffected and arrogant government carries on with its vacation, clipping its fingernails and glancing over its shoulder at more pressing concerns in bank vaults and deserts?

It seems that, as bad as we thought W. would be, all the way back in the fall of 2000, for all of that, things, inconveivably, have been even worse. While it gives the sonofabitch too much credit to blame him for natural disasters, I'm going to anyway.


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