Friday, December 31, 2004

The Holidays Are Always Tough For Photon-Nuts 

I'll be away in Pennsylvania for the next couple days, drinking mead, dancing round bonfires, and sacrificing goats. Or at least, I hope to be doing all those things. Like New Hampshire, they don't have the InterWeb in northern PA, so I'll be taking a hiatus till Monday. Please have a happy and healthy New Year's.




Thursday, December 30, 2004


Talk about your five-day benders. Whoooo! Hachi-machi! I woke up in Karachi! What time is it? Aw, man... My head.

I have been up in New Hampshire, and they don't have the Internet up there, so needless to say I've been unable to keep my regulars' hunger sated. All you Photon-nuts out there. Or is it Photon-heads? Or is it Good-God-I'm-Bored-Out-Of-My-Skull-At-Work-And-Aimlessly-Mindlessly-Clicking-Through-Web-Sites-And-Occasionally-Landing-on-Photontheory.blogspot.com-Heads?

Well, nothing really significant has happened globally in the past five days, so I guess there's not much to talk about. Ahem. Ho-hum.

How can I even comment on 120,000 plus deaths? I haven't watched much tv lately, but I did notice that Reggie White got a moment of silence at an Eagles game the other day. I don't think he liked gay people very much, but he was a good tackler.

I also noticed that President Bush (have you heard of this guy?) has a special on CNN for being Time's Person of the Year. I also noticed in the promo they were fashing through the images of notable personalities of 2004, and Michael Moore's face was followed by a terrorist's face. I also noticed that CNN and Time are owned by the same parent company.

I tried last night at a nice Irish pub to convince a friend of LIHOP. There were three of us pulling out facts and figures, and he kept saying "I just don't know." By the end of the night he was taking me by the shoulders and yelling "I just don't know!"

If you don't know what LIHOP is, then you need convincing too.

Good old google.


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