Friday, August 20, 2004

Do This Thing 

For fans of Madness (not the band) and the terrible things they do to stick figures on the internet these days, this is pretty fun.


Meet the Crazies 

This is one of those things I try not to think about because it makes me so hot my skin crawls, my thoughts turn dark, my eyes roll back in my head and my hair stands on end. And then I get upset.

Wallowing in their own slimy, fecid vomit, the Swift Boat Veterans For Turthare disgracing the country and the military they claim to love. George W. Bush, that hollow husk of a man, commits the same atrocities. Not only is it sleazy and upsetting, it is sophomoric to drag the national debate into a semantical argument rooted 35 years in the past. There is a real war now with real young men dying, and George W. Bush -- who skipped out on real duty -- is still the sonofabitch who sent them there, and John Kerry is still a decorated war hero. I literally cannot believe that they have stooped to this level. Can it do anything but help Kerry? This is his strength. BushCo's strategy is to hit him where he lives and below the belt, but this will not work with "undecideds" and the longer the White House refrains from condemning the ads the more stature Bush loses.

The Swifties claim to be nonpartisan, but investigating their website, it didn't take long to find this line.

For more than thirty years, most Vietnam veterans kept silent as we were maligned as misfits, addicts, and baby killers. Now that a key creator of that poisonous image is seeking the Presidency we have resolved to end our silence.

The time has come to set the record straight.

Now Kerry is suing their pants off.
he Kerry campaign said it filed the complaint [with the Federal Elections Committee] against the group behind the ads, Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, "for violating the law with inaccurate ads that are illegally coordinated with the Bush-Cheney presidential campaign and Republican National Committee."

The campaign said there is "overwhelming evidence" that the group is coordinating its spending on advertising and other activities with the President Bush (news - web sites)'s campaign for reelection.

Bush campaign spokesman Scott Stanzel denied any coordination with the Swift Boat group, called it "a frivolous complaint."

A frivolous complaint. A frivolous fucking complaint! Buzz words everywhere, eh?! It's a frivilous complaint to try and right the lowest, most atrocious and unwarranted kind of character attack on a man who served for his country. My good God, nothing will surprise me.

I have to get away from the keyboard now. That old feeling is lurking...


The World of Tomorrow 

Here it is y'all.

Brahh ha ha!

Oh, fine.


Thursday, August 19, 2004

Democrats? More like Awesomecrats! 

They can't even see that this whole mess is their fault, but the Democrats still feel so strongly about defeating Bush (as do I) that they're willing to strongarm anyone who threatens their odds. As usual, that target is super-duper-extreme-ultra-megalomaniac and all around devilish no-gooder, Ralph Nader. Who has bad hair.
With Republicans in several states acknowledging that they are bankrolling and gathering signatures for Mr. Nader, local Democratic parties across the country, aided by a group of lawyers calling themselves the Ballot Project Inc., have initiated mini-campaigns to stop him, state by state.

He is entangled in an assortment of suits, many in states that may be the most contested in November. He is in court in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Arizona and West Virginia, and faces potential suits or administrative challenges in Oregon, Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and Maine.

The legal strategies in most states are being developed by local Democrats, but the Ballot Project is helping them to find lawyers to work pro bono and share information.

Because of federal campaign finance laws, the project cannot coordinate its activities with either the Kerry campaign or the national Democratic Party, but the party approves of the legal challenges, said Jano Cabrera, a spokesman, and is closely monitoring Mr. Nader's progress.

[I]n Oregon, the Service Employees International Union, which has endorsed Mr. Kerry, said that an initial examination of signatures filed there found that at least two-thirds were forged, had the wrong address or otherwise constituted what the union called "overwhelming and systemic fraud," a charge the Nader campaign denied.

The fight has become fierce in Oregon, with anti-Nader forces telling people circulating Nader petitions that they could be jailed and fined if they submitted fraudulent signatures. The Nader campaign said that its circulators were being intimidated and that 30 had quit as a result.

Yey! This is the party we want to replace the Republicans in the White House. I know, I know, Nader is only running because of his mammoth ego, whereas John Kerry wants the tears that come each night thinking of underpriveleged Americans to go away. Even so, is this how a respectable representative party acts, even if none of it is illegal? Scare tactics? Dragging him through the mud of a tedious, labrynthine legal process. If Nader is so illegitimate, why are they expending so much energy on him? You know, I could see if someone like David Duke were running, perhaps I'd be a little more willing to go along with tactics like this, and in some ways I have to admit it's a clever technique, but I don't think this is the sort of behavior I can support. It is childish and desperate. So what if Nader can take away some votes? They don't belong solely to the Democratic Party, and they should not presume to believe that they are, especially since they've done alomst nothing to earn them.

The Democrats quickly forget (or perhaps have never been able to admit) that it was their impotence in 2000 that lost the election (in the Supreme Court, of course) and their abandonment of the working class that has set this country on the course it is now on. Yes, it would be nice to place all the blame on George W. Bush's shoulders, to focus our rage on his beady little eyes, but that would be more dangerous than letting him carry on; because presuming that one party is inherantly evil, while the other inherantly good, and allowing them both unfettered reign, is inconscinable and silly. Where have the Democrats been? Who are they taking contributions from? Did they want NAFTA? Who voted for the Patriot Act? Who allowed the war to go on? Who sat by and nodded and cowered as this gang of thugs ran ripshod across Washington DC? And now they'll treat one little man, who has done more for this country's citizens than they have, like some sort of demonic pariah? It's moves like this that make me want to vote for Ralph Nader, because as bad as four more years of W would be, any number of years of what the Democrats won't do could be even worse. This is not progress. This is Tamanny Hall with computers.


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